A good idea sprouts from a need


The idea for HAHABAG emerged from a personal need to haul heavy shopping items in busy urban living conditions. The objective was to design a modern multipurpose bag to suit all genders, ages and most needs.

The HAHABAG has a simple yet unique eyelet system allowing you to engage strap attachments according to your choice and needs for the day. 

Additional hooks in 2 packs are available for those who like to use the  HAHABAG on a bicycle, children stroller or even on a wheelchair.

Living up to the global reputation of Swedish products, the HAHABAG is practical, physically durable, lightweight and has a timeless design.

It carries up to 5 kg and is moisture repellent.



The HAHABAG is produced according to REACH standards and thereby adheres to restrictions on hazardous chemicals in textiles that could affect your health and the environment.

HAHABAG is gender neutral and age neutral.





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