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Hitch Hiker

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Product Description:
Hitch Hiker
Style: Hitch Hiker
Style no: HP 001
Dimensions: 35X27x15 cm
Colour: Black
Shell: Canvas weave polyester
Inner: Polyester ripstop
Lightweight, durable and water repellent
Produced according to REACH certification for the use of less hazardous chemicals in textiles.
Top extension in polyester ripstop.
Small outside pocket. Logo printed on reflector.
Bottom reinforced with imitation leather.
Black ripstop lining.
Two inner pockets, one with a zip.
Back and bottom are reinforced with channel board for strength and protection.
Includes a small pouch with shoulder strap, backpack straps, suitcase strap and an anchor strap.
Multifunctional Bag
The eyelet system at the back board along with the appurtenant straps enable the bag´s versatility.
Tilt the duffel buttons at the edge of the straps and push through the chosen eyelets.
Straps are removed from the bag by pushing your hand inside the Velcro opening at top inside bag ( opening marked with an illustrated hand)



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